June 13, 2010 Limited Show Release
Originally recorded and with a limited release only at live shows in June of 2010, this list of songs some in their original titling on Black Heart Aria is also available with the 10th Anniversary Edition of Dead Before Sunrise. However, for fans that are looking for the original artwork and tracks, look no further. Grab this digital copy of Between Crows & Thieves first Ep today. 

Album Tracks
1. Ink on Stones 2. Drown Me 3. Black Heart Aria 4. Dead B4 Sunrise (Black Tea Acoustic Mix) 5. Crawling Out of Ash 6. Broken Wings Over Dead Skies

Musicians (Recording & Live)
Anita Dickey - Backing Vocals • Robert Dickey - Bass • Thomas Johnson - Guitars • Jeremy Parker - Drums • Brandi Wilkerson - Percussion • Norman Wilkerson - Lead Vocals

Special Studio Appearance: Adrian James of Das Gift - Violin 

Studio Credits
Music written by: Thomas Johnson • Norman Wilkerson Lyrics written by: Norman Wilkerson Produced by: Thomas Johnson • Norman Wilkerson Recording Engineers: Darian Stribling Recorded at: Blue Chair recording Studio Austin, Arkansas. Mixed and Mastered by: Darian Stribling at Blue Chair Recording Studio, Austin, Arkansas.  Album Layout & Concept: Norman Wilkerson Album Art & Design by: Norman Wilkerson Photography by: Jeremy Vestal

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