Norman Wilkerson, is an American singer, songwriter, poet, musician, vocal actor, illustrator, graphic designer, and storyteller. Known for his dark and gloomy lyrics and powerhouse vocals as the front man of the 2008’s Arkansas based heavy metal band Black Suit Karma, and 2010’s Arkansas based poetic alternative rock band Between Crows & Thieves, Norman is no stranger to being a versatile musician. With experience that stretches over 15 years of music and design, his unique background in art and music has given way for a creative one of a kind music experience for his fans to enjoy. Now for the first time in his career, pulling selected works from his first book of poetry titled, “Wolves Among Me,” Norman has crafted a solo album that bridges his multi talents into a single package, a nine track album of deeply passionate music laced with his haunting poetic lyrics. 2019 brings new and old fans alike, a work of art almost 10 years in the making, as Illusions Of Grandeur and Wolves Among Me, deliver an invite to explore the artist known as Norman.
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