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For historical records of young metal madness...
Originally not released to the masses, this 2008 live recording is not without flaws, but that is what made Black Suit Karma well...Black Suit Karma. As their first big city show, Black Suit Karma was only beginning and Vino's was a great place to cut their teeth. Now for free digital download at Bandcamp, enjoy a raw piece of local Arkansas music history.

Original Album statement:
Testing, testing, is this thing on?
Testing our brand new music as Black Suit Karma during our first Little Rock show, we recorded the live event at Vino's on Fresh Blood Night. Fresh Blood Night, a showcase that allows unheard bands to break into the scene was the first step for us as a local metal grunge band.  After a rocky start of system errors, the show pushed on with a night full of heavy metal and fun. After listening to the recordings we made a few bootleg style CD's and passed them around the fans at a few shows for free before ending the small limited run.
Album Tracks
1. Sludge In The Well 2. Tankland 3. Omega Horse (Shadows May Come) 4. Agony of Solitude 5. Feverish 6. Sick Junkie (Anthem for the Karma Army) 7. Lovers or Leeches? 

Musicians (Recording & Live)
Thomas Johnson - Guitars • Jeremy Parker - Drums • James " Rus" Russell III - Bass | Backing Vocals • Norman Wilkerson- Vocals

Live & Album Credits​​​​​​​
Music written by: Thomas Johnson • James "Rus" Russell III Lyrics written by: Norman Wilkerson Produced by: Thomas Johnson, Jeremy Parker, James "Rus" Russell III and Norman Wilkerson. Recording Engineers: Lee Costley Recorded at: Vino's Pizza Brewpub, September 11, 2008, Little Rock, Arkansas. Mixed & Mastered at Black Cat Records Little Rock, Arkansas by: Lee Costley Album Concept by: Norman Wilkerson Album Art & Design by: Norman Wilkerson Photography by: Jeremy Vestal

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