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A Moment in time...
In October of 2008, Black Suit Karma released their debut album Negative White to a warm and positive review from the media and fans. With only being together for a little over three months and recording the music in less time, Black Suit Karma had a magic, a life force that simply wanted to be heard. Launching a tour that would take the band in to the middle of 2009 Black Suit Karma grew in reach and opened for amazing bands such as Straight Line Stitch, played SXSW in March of 2009 and had a music video released for the hit song Lovers or Leeches. Now over ten years later Negative White finds new life with a rerelease of those classic 10 tracks and features the demo version of Sludge In The Well, and the radio edit of Lovers or Leeches.
Album Tracks
1. Sludge In The Well (Demo version) 2. Sludge In The Well 3. Sick Junkie (Anthem for the Karma Army)  4. Agony of Solitude 5. In Between the Space of Things 6. Omega Horse (Shadows May Come) 7. Mosh, Fight or Fuck (MMF) 8. Feverish  9. Lovers or Leeches? 10. Lovers or Leeches? (Radio Edit) 11. Tankland 12. A Hole Inside

Musicians (Recording & Live)
Thomas Johnson - Guitars • Jeremy Parker - Drums • James "Rus" Russell III - Bass | Backing Vocals • Norman Wilkerson - Lead Vocals

Studio & Album Credits
Music written by: Thomas Johnson • James "Rus" Russell III Lyrics written by: Norman Wilkerson Produced By: Thomas Johnson, Jeremy Parker, James "Rus" Russell III, and Norman Wilkerson. Recording Engineers: Darian Stribling and Jordan Trotter. Recorded at: Blue Chair Recording Studio, Austin, Arkansas. Mixed & Mastered at: Blue Chair Recording Studio, Austin, Arkansas by Darian Stribling. Photography by: Jeremy Vestal 2020 Album Concept & layout by: Norman Wilkerson 2020 Album Art & Design by: Norman Wilkerson 2020 Album reproduction, mixing, and mastering  by: Norman Wilkerson. 

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