Strangers In War | Another Collection Of Poems
March 23, 2020 Paperback
Strangers in War | Another Collection of Poems is Norman Wilkerson’s follow up poetry collection to Wolves Among Me. Most known for his years as the front man to the Arkansas based metal band Black Suit Karma, Norman has had a long history as a poet before discovering a love for being a singer. As all the lyrics for the first Black Suit Karma album, Negative White in 2008 were poems written 5 and 15 years before founding the band. Here in this collection, those lyrics for Negative White appear together for the first time in a collection that even has the original 2003 version of Lovers or Leeches.
Wolves Among Me | A Collection Of Poems
July 23, 2019 Paperback, Hardcover, and Ebook 
Wolves Among Me | A Collection Of Poems is Norman Wilkerson’s debut poetry collection of selected works, spanning over 15 years of his life. With a deepening sadness, raw conflict with faith, struggle with life and death, further spiced with love, romance, sexual desire, and wisdom of age, Wolves Among Me is a look into the world of poignant darkness within a human soul fighting to keep the flame burning, and asking the question where it belongs.    
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