2002-2004 Unreleased Album
In The Eye of The Storm
Dead Echo, its final name before disbanding in 2004 was a strong mix of blues, grunge, and metal with its diverse members and their backgrounds in music. Working in-between jobs and around events in life, Dead Echo was seeing promise and recording home demos as the project was ramping up for a studio visit in late 2003 early 2004. However with so many bands out there the curse of being a musician is money to fund your dreams. This was the case with Dead Echo, in the end with a solid set and a clear vision, the band could not find the financial support to grow, leaving the band members to move on with other projects and personal ventures.
Album Tracks
1. Devil Chain (Rotted Chain) 2. Dreams of Kings 3. Open Season 4. From a View 5. Pitchfork 6. Muddy River 7. End of Me 8. Don't Follow 9. Maker's Keep 10. Joy 11. Until We Sleep 

Musicians (Recording & Live)
Russell Hill - Guitars  • Rick "Deadman" Harmon - Vocals • Brandi Wilkerson - Drums • Norman Wilkerson - Vocals | Bass

Album Concept Credits
Music written by: Russell Hill • Rick "Deadman" Harmon • Norman Wilkerson Lyrics written by: Rick " Deadman" Harmon • Norman Wilkerson Album Art & Concept by: Norman Wilkerson Layout Design by: Norman Wilkerson

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