NEWS | Illusions of Grandeur Releases
Today I released the full album Illusions of Grandeur that goes along with the book of poetry I wrote Wolves Among Me. A little over 10 years ago, I walked into Blue Chair Recording Studio to record these raw tracks with Darian Stribling not knowing if they would see the light of day. Due to life and hardships, it would take the next 10 years to finish it. I want to give the biggest thank you and much love to Darian Stribling and Blue Chair Recording Studio, it has been through his master skills and belief in my work that Illusions Of Grandeur has made it here today. I have had the honor of recording all my albums at Blue Chair such as: Black Suit Karma's Album Negative White and Between Crows & Thieves Up From the Hollow. I could not ask for a better studio, or a better friend. Thank you Darian Stribling for your work and belief in my dreams. Please enjoy wherever you listen to music!

Thank you for your support and love.

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