NEWS | Announcing  Wolves Among Me
After years of silence, I’m pleased to finally announce my first book of poetry, Wolves Among Me | A Collection of Poems with a release date of July 23, 2019. This first book contains selected works from the last 15 years or more of my writing career. My poetry explores the line between the light and dark of a soul, the struggles of love for ones-self, the love with others and the relationship between a man, faith, hope, and his god. In this first book I’ve also included the lyric works for my first solo album Illusions of Grandeur that will see a full album release on July 23, 2019. Laced with sadness, loss, sexual desire, happiness, humor, and obscured views, my first book dives deep into my mind and asks you to explore my writings, read between the lines, find the piece of my soul hidden within, and perhaps find something of yourself there with me.

Thank you for your support and love.

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