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Good afternoon fans, friends and family. I'm writing to let everyone know a few things such as, I have taken the steps to take down my album on GooglePlay, iTunes, and many other outlets around the world. First, please know I am not retiring from music, I am simply leaving the distributor I used for personal reasons. However, I am keeping all albums and singles available on BandCamp which I call home until I find a better distributor for iTunes, Google Play, etc. Secondly, as I am developing new music and tuning up old projects for all of you, I am looking to the future with a keen study of how to deliver my products in the best way. Furthermore, what name is best to label things going forward as there has been issues of confusion as I was not the only "band" simply called "Norman," out there. Even though that is my name, I am in deep question and debate on carrying that forward as I feel it may not encapsulate all the goods I will offer as a musician, game designer, and brand. So, as I begin to rerelease and release new music and products, I will post updates and give links to those outlets. I thank you for your support and understanding. I hope all of you remain safe, and well.

Again, as always, thank you for your support and love.

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