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NEWS | Hope & Love
Good afternoon fans, friends and family. So if you follow my music and/or my writing, you may notice a theme of dark, haunting, tragedy, religious and even political tones. I just released some acoustic recordings and old recordings of Black Suit Karma from 2008-2009 that outline those themes well. So I called my mother to check on her and my father for whom I love greatly and I was telling my mom about releasing everything and how I felt it was good to just get everything out instead of keeping it in the closet. While we were on the phone she asked me, "Norman, I know you write about hard times in your life, but could you maybe write something with hope and give it out to people during this hard time in the world, just give some people hope you know?" Now again I love my mother and father, and I try to make them happy when I can, I'm a Southern boy as they say, we listen to our mothers — more important I'm from Texas so it's almost a law. So to the point, for my mother, for your mother, for everyone in the world, I'm working on my first "hope" track that I would like to give away for free when I finish it. It may be rough, it will be acoustic since I don't leave the house, but it's for you and her to know: I may not know you, but I'm with you, I love you, and together we will become stronger and closer when this is done.
As always, thank you for your support and love.

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