NEWS | New album different sound, Astronaut.
Remember, remember, the fifth day of November… Good noon my fans! Its another big news Tuesday! For those who are now just joining the Norman Music page/website here, I make music, rock music, metal music, all types of music. I am a graphic designer so I offer my services to businesses and bands from logo designs to full album layouts and everything in between. I write poetry books, fiction novellas, and graphic comics. I make games such as table top and 2D pixel video games. I made a couple short films in college that I plan on making bigger productions later, so if you are new here, please know I will do my best to keep you entertained with something in the coming years. Also, if you need something designed for yourself then DM, I love working with others to see their concepts come to life. 
Ok, so now onto the new thing I’m announcing today! If you are a fan of dark electronic instrumental music, that has “a laid back and let your imagination run feel,” then look no further! I’m pleased to announce Astronaut for pre-order today! This album releasing on December 03, 2019, takes a departure from the styles of my first album Illusions of Grandeur, it is an electronic instrumental trip into the deep space of my mind. With no words, no singing, only the music, I ask you to journey into your own mind and let your imagination build a world from the music. Available for pre-order today at:

Thank you for your support and love.

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