NEWS | The Crows and Thieves Rise Again!
Hey fans and friends! I've mentioned a few times about new updates about music, poetry and more coming….Well, today is that day! 
Those who know me and have followed my music career are familiar with a project called Between Crows & Thieves that I founded in 2009, but for those who don't know, let me fill in the blank before I go any further. Between Crows & Thieves was a mellow rock project I started with a great friend and band mate, Thomas (Tommy) Johnson in the late of 2009. We recorded a few songs and even played shows locally. I ran Plan B in Conway at the time, booking bands and Between Crows & Thieves was always ready as a kinda of house band. However, sadly in the late of 2010, due to a handful of life-kind of things, we had to put the project to rest. The music we recorded got released in a very small local circle and then disappeared due to not being active. In 2015, there was a surge of trying to get the recording together and release what was done, but again Between Crows & Thieves fell silent. So, now with a little back story to the name Between Crows & Thieves, let me tell old and new fans alike that I have exciting news! I have restored those recordings of Between Crows & Thieves from 2010, along with live recordings from 2010 at Vino’s. I will be releasing them as a 10th Anniversary edition on my Bandcamp site this December 10; in honor of 10 years ago, we walked into Blue Chair recording studio on November 04, recorded Dead B4 Sunrise and was getting ready for a December release. 
It’s been too long, I’m very proud to finally release this for the public to enjoy. Although rough around some edges, Between Crows & Thieves had heart, soul, and a spirit unlike anything else. 
But wait! This isn't all I have to tell you about, no, no!
I am happy to announce that Tommy and I have been working on a new music project that will see a release next year! I will be posting news here as the project grows until we are ready to launch a site and reveal the core goods of the project. Also, I will be updating about the 10th Anniversary release of Between Crows & Thieves Dead B4 Sunrise album here until I am finished with the Between Crows & Thieves honor site on Facebook for the release. 
Remember to stay tuned, because this is only the beginning of this week’s exciting news here in the camp of Norman!

Thank you for your support and love.

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