NEWS | Illusions Of Grandeur Canto Edition
Ok fans, today’s big news is....In honor of the request from a group of fans that contacted me personally wanting myself to record reading some of the poetry from my book, I have put together a special edition of Illusions of Grandeur containing selected works read by myself for them and all of you. Some of the selections of poems were chosen by two fans that had no idea what I was up to when I asked them to tell me three of their favorites from the book! This special edition is titled "Illusions of Grandeur Canto Edition" and is available for pre-order right now. You get the complete Illusions of Grandeur 9 track music album along with 20 poems read by myself from my book of poetry "Wolves Among Me a Collection of Poems." Also, when you download the album on November 19 you will get a PDF booklet of the lyrics and poems along with a special thank you to Angela Bryant, Sharron Austin and Emily Koontz for being the first three in July that ordered my book of poetry. Furthermore! Angela Bryant, Sharron Austin and Emily Koontz, you ladies will receive a free copy of the special edition as a big thank you for your love and support!

Thank you for your support and love.

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