July 2, 2019  Digital Release
The solo adventure begins...
Featuring the first single from the up and coming album, Illusions Of Grandeur, Bury Me with Wolves serves as a lighthouse, leading listeners to the shores of a journey dark and winding yet full of wisdom and warmth. The side release to the poetry book written by Norman "Wolves Among me," and Bury Me With Wolves is an artistic expression of music and writing over 10 years in the making.
Album Studio Tracks
1. Bury Me With Wolves

Musicians (Recording)
Norman Wilkerson - Vocals, Guitar, Drums • Darian Stribling - Guitar, Bass, Drums • Brandi Wilkerson - Backing Vocals • Scott Southern - Studio Drums

Studio Credits
Music written by: Norman Wilkerson Lyrics written by: Norman Wilkerson Produced by: Norman Wilkerson Recording Engineers: Darian Stribling Recorded at: Blue Chair recording Studio Austin, Arkansas. Mixed and Mastered by: Darian Stribling at Blue Chair Recording Studio, Austin, Arkansas.  Album Layout & Concept: Norman Wilkerson Album Art & Design by: Norman Wilkerson Photography by: Norman Wilkerson

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