July 23. 2019 Digital & Physical Release
by McKayla Grace September 6, 2019
"Dabbling in poetry, music and game design, Norman Wilkerson makes himself a triple threat. With his bold new release Illusions of Grandeur, he returns to the indie scene diving headfirst into the darker side of the genre." Check out what he had to say about this newest passion project: https://twostorymelody.com/the-story-of-norman-wilkersons-illusions-of-grandeur/ 
Making Illusions real...
Illusions of Grandeur is a collection of lyrical works from the book of poetry written by Norman Wilkerson, "Wolves Among Me | A collection of poems." This album touches on relationships of love, the nature of depression, the loss of friends, the aging of life, and the struggles to continue everyday to find a way to learn and grow from those experiences.
Album Studio Tracks
1. Killing Monroe 2. Demons & Dolls 3. Phoenix Corona 4. Bury Me With Wolves 5. Cry On Whatever 6. Peel Me Away 7. I Am Samurai 8. Story She Tells 9. Fossil

Musicians (Recording)
Norman Wilkerson - Vocals, Guitar, Drums • Darian Stribling - Guitar, Bass, Drums • Brandi Wilkerson - Backing Vocals • Scott Southern - Studio Drums

Studio Credits
Music written by: Norman Wilkerson Lyrics written by: Norman Wilkerson Produced by: Norman Wilkerson Recording Engineers: Darian Stribling Recorded at: Blue Chair recording Studio Austin, Arkansas. Mixed and Mastered by: Darian Stribling at Blue Chair Recording Studio, Austin, Arkansas.  Album Layout & Concept: Norman Wilkerson Album Art & Design by: Norman Wilkerson Photography by: Norman Wilkerson

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