March 23, 2020 Digital & Physical  Release
Rare Bones
Rare raw tracks captured in live performances, including alternative versions of old favorites along with never before heard tracks, reuniting Thomas Johnson with Norman Wilkerson, for which both are best known for the metal band Black Suit Karma and rock band Between Crows & Thieves.
Album Tracks
1. Fuck My Life - Acoustic Animosity Mix Live 2. Hole Inside - Lost Shovel Live Mix 3. Reverse The Sun - Dirt Nap Sessions Live Mix 4. Agony of Solitude - Lost Ronin Live Mix
Norman Wilkerson- Vocals and Guitars • Thomas Johnson-Guitars 

Live, Studio  & Album Credits
All music written by: Norman Wilkerson, except Hole Inside and Reverse The Sun, those pieces of music are written by: Thomas Johnson. All lyrics written by: Norman Wilkerson, which are featured in his second, book of poems, "Strangers In War | Another collection of poems." Produced by: Norman Wilkerson Recorded, mixed, and mastered by: Norman Wilkerson at Wilkerson Studios, Arkansas. Album Layout & concept by: Norman Wilkerson Album Art & Photography by: Norman Wilkerson.

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