December 17, 2019 Digital & Physical Release
Restless souls wander out into space... 

Continuing the electronic musical styles of the album Astronaut, The Errand of Souls drifts into the afterlife with a melancholy heart that pulls you into its cold embrace. Just as Astronaut explores telling a story without lyrics, this album asks the same of its listeners. Fall deep into this instrumental soundtrack for the imagination and enjoy passing through the veil. Enjoy the music, enjoy the journey, and most of all thank you for listening.
Album Studio Tracks
1. Sprite Mischief  2. A Fathom Grave 3. Reaper's Lament 4. The Errand Of Souls 5. Moonlight Sleep

Norman Wilkerson 

Album Credits
Music written by: Norman Wilkerson Produced by: Norman Wilkerson Recording Engineers: Norman Wilkerson Recorded at: Wilkerson Studios, Arkansas. Mixed and Mastered by: Norman Wilkerson at Wilkerson Studios, Arkansas.  Album Layout & Concept: Norman Wilkerson Album Art & Design by: Norman Wilkerson Photography by: Norman Wilkerson

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