Norman Wilkerson - Vocals,Guitar,Drums
Darian Stribling - Backing Vocals,Guitars,Bass,Programming,Drums
Brandi Wilkerson - Backing Vocals
Scott Southern - Live Drums
All songs written by Norman Wilkerson. Lyrics and poems written by Norman Wilkerson, they are selected poems from his first book of poems, "Wolves Among Me | A Collection of Poems." Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Darian Stribling of Blue Chair Recording Studio Austin, AR. Recorded between October 2010 - March 2019. Except song, "Love Out Live," recorded live, mixed, and mastered by Norman Wilkerson at his home in January 2020.

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Illusions of Grandeur is an atmospheric, mellow alternative rock album that holds the spirit of bands such as Echo and the Bunnymen, She Wants Revenge, The Cure and Lou Reed. Started in 2010 and finished in early 2019 along side a book of poetry, Illusions of Grandeur is a work of musical art that is best enjoyed with the complete writings found in Wolves Among Me|a Collection of Poems. Although not a traditional band or album release, Illusions of Grandeur is a journey of a writer's soul expressing the emotional thoughts of a dark romantic poet. 
I am Norman Wilkerson. I'm an independent American singer, songwriter, poet, musician, vocal actor, illustrator, graphic designer, game developer, and storyteller. If you don't know me, that's ok because there's a huge ocean of people out here. Let me start with saying, if you're reading this then you found me and I thank you for taking the time to read about me.
I have mostly been known publicly as the founder and front man of the 2008’s Arkansas based heavy metal band Black Suit Karma, we had a great run with SXSW 2009, and opening for some cool bands such as Straight Line Stitch and more. I am also the founder and front man for the 2010’s Arkansas based poetic alternative rock band Between Crows & Thieves, a more art-like project that had a great run as we played with bands such as She Talk Pretty and others. So I've been dabbling in music and poetry for over 20 years and find myself to be a versatile vocalist/musician. 
My passion has always been art; any type of art I could get into, with my experience over the last 30 years stretching from comic artist to now video game pixel artist and design. I like to blend my unique background in art and music in ways for creative, unique works, that I hope fans will enjoy. Now let me update you with what's been going on with my projects.
by McKayla Grace September 6, 2019 Two Story Melody
"Dabbling in poetry, music and game design, Norman Wilkerson makes himself a triple threat. With his bold new release Illusions of Grandeur, he returns to the indie scene diving headfirst into the darker side of the genre." Check out what he had to say about this newest passion project: https://twostorymelody.com/the-story-of-norman-wilkersons-illusions-of-grandeur/ 

by Stephanie Smittle August 20, 2019 Arkansas Times
Norman Wilkerson – “Illusions of Grandeur.” This record out of Austin (Lonoke County) recording studio Blue Chair makes me wish it were about 70 degrees colder so I’d have a good reason to hole up and jam out to this and My Bloody Valentine and Lycia and Dead Can Dance. Also, dude can wail. https://arktimes.com/rock-candy/2019/08/20/summer-music-from-dylan-earl-tsukiyomi-john-burnette-bonnie-montgomery-and-more
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