Humble beginnings.
Formed in the early 90's this first band of Norman's was an after school yard band with dreams of moving onto playing parties and the local rock scene of Little Rock. With a sound only defined as a Pearl Jam style cover band, Randall Flagg with its name rooted in fiction and writing style mixed in grunge and metal, was a neighborhood show of some kids who knew how to rock. However  the planned demo album and long adventure was never seen to completion. Now only a memory of a time of fun and  rock and roll.
Album Tracks
1. Questions 2. Forget It 3. Late Night 4. Killer Wears a Mask 5. Your House On Fire 

Musicians (Live)
Billy Franks - Guitars  • Ben Hartman - Bass • Kevin Swan - Drums  • Norman Wilkerson - Vocals

Album Concept Credits
Music written by: Billy Franks Lyrics written by: Norman Wilkerson Album Concept & Art by: Norman Wilkerson 

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